Beginner to Advanced Planar Board Trolling

Watch two 10 lb. Walleye landed simultaneously


Doc won the Lorain AIM Walleye Tournament June 2012 using planer boards and set the AIM 3 day record for weight, 21 walleyes weighing 186.01 lbs.

Doctor Sonar teamed up with Captain Ross Robertson to produce a DVD on in-line board trolling for walleyes!

Doc has fished boards on many lakes and reservoirs across the USA and Ross guides on Lake Erie over 150 days/years. You may have enjoyed Ross’s articles in In-fisherman, FLW Outdoors and North American Fisherman.

150 minutes packed with information on how to set-up, read and handle boards with doubles. We captured a double of 10 lb walleyes using 6 boards on film. Spinner, crankbait, delivery systems, sonar, rods and reels, boat control, board modifications and boat rigging and miscellaneous tips. 

This DVD is for beginner and advanced trollers and will enhance your board trolling and catching skills.

Stream all 13 chapters up to 1080p from this website. Access lasts for an unlimited duration.
Gain access to 26 files to download & play in your player of choice.

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